Fit is the new black and that’s why fitness enthusiast, Kelly Robbertze, is new to our fit fam as an ambassador and collaborator. She’s here to keep you focused and motivated with tips on training, how to improve habits and is even available for private coaching.

If you’re in the intermediate level of fitness and want to up your game or just love a badass Instagram page, give Kelly a follow and find out how she does what she does.

  1. What is a typical day for you?

I’m usually out the door by 5am. First stop is of course Seattle Coffee (grande almond decaf if you’re ever buying!) From there it’s on to training clients and taking morning boxing and HIIT classes. I try to find a few hours of me time around midday, where I train, get through some admin, touch base with clients, and often if I’m honest just take a damn nap! From there it’s back to training clients, evening classes, and finally home after 7pm. Although my day is long, and virtually non-stop, I’m incredibly lucky in that no single day is ever the same. I have an incredible client base who make being a personal trainer such a pleasure, I work in an environment I’m extremely passionate about, surrounded by great like-minded individuals, and get to do what makes me happy!

  1. How many days a week do you train?

Although I would love to train 7 days a week, rest days are absolutely crucial!

So, thanks to some self-control, I limit myself to 4 or 5 days a week.

  1. What is your favourite form of exercise/ training?

I took up boxing around 6 years ago and it absolutely stole my heart. It is one of the most incredible forms of exercise, building strength, releasing stress, developing hand eye coordination, and of course involves a fair amount of cardio – great for burning calories and toning! One of the absolute best parts of doing what I do is being able to share the passion I have for the sport with the clients I train.

  1. Do you do any cardio?

Hate me all you want, but I honestly LOVE cardio! My training routine includes a lot of HIIT, running, and since entering the Ironman in June – cycling and swimming too.

  1. What is your current passion?

My passion is undeniably fitness, and sharing that passion with others. The strength and courage clients leave their sessions with, the enthusiasm they have throughout, and the reward of watching them transform into the strongest mental and physical versions of themselves fuels me to be the absolute best at what I do.

  1. Do you only train clients from your gym?

I train both from my gym (Pointbreak) as well as remotely depending on client preference.

  1. What are your favourite gym wear styles to workout in?

If it breathes, is comfortable, and doesn’t leave sweat marks it’s a winner!

Favourite styles… I love a more feminine cut sports bra paired with simple biker shorts or full length leggings.

  1. What do you eat throughout the day and do you ever cheat?

I hate this question because the truth is I am permanently cheat mealing. I very rarely drink alcohol which helps a lot, and affords me the luxury of those extra calories. Don’t get me wrong I make a lot of healthy food decisions, I’m just not too strict on myself, drink plenty of water and keep away from processed foods – I also make sure I train hard enough to avoid missing out on the good stuff!

  1. What does a cheat day mean to you?

A Jerry’s burger and Unframed ice cream!

  1. Leg day or arm day?

Honestly I love both!

  1. What are your fitness goals for this year?

To complete the Ironman 70.4 in June, and hopefully fight (and win) my first boxing match at the end of the year.

  1. If you had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Haha is no outfit an outfit?

  1. What advice would you give to someone who lacks motivation?

It is going to be hard in the beginning, anything worth achieving always is! The reward is worth all the sweat and hard work believe me! Be patient with yourself and your body, understand how it works and never compare yourself to someone else. Set your goals with the vision of instead becoming a strong, healthy, better version of YOU.

  1. Tips for killer abs?

Water, cardio, water, cardio, water, cardio.

Oh and also, water and cardio!

  1. Who is your favourite person to train with and why?

I am by nature highly competitive and thrive best when training with someone in an environment where I feel I am being continuously challenged and pushed. It also helps if they can keep up.


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