I’m sure its not the first time you’ve heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”. As important as it is to stay active, that alone may not necessarily get you to your body goals. Diet is key, and when we say diet, we don’t mean depriving yourself. It’s all about planning ahead. Whether that be grocery shopping, meal prepping or just doing some good old research. Great nutrition is critically important to transforming your body.

We have teamed up with Fit Food Club to provide you with a few tips and tricks on how to optimize your health and wellness as we leap into 2019. The trick is to find your balance, stay well informed and most importantly to be WELL PREPARED!

Here are some wholesome tips straight from the Fit Food Club central kitchen.

• Keep it simple

• Ensure ingredients are fresh

• Keep your plate colourful

• Include different textures (ie. crunchy, soft etc.)

• Healthy doesn’t mean boring

• Don’t be afraid to experiment

• Keep a snack on hand at all times to avoid buying over processed, convenience foods when hungry

• Reduce sodium & sugar intake

• Drinks lots of water and avoid water retention

• Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

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