CANDIBOD’s tips!

Leaving home for a holiday? Whether you’re spending hours on end in your airport terminal, or soaking up quality time with your loved ones, there are still plenty of ways you can sweat it out and strike that healthy balance when you’re on-the-go. We chat to Candice Bodington who recently spent a month traveling in Bali to find out how!

It has been said that the secret to staying fit whilst traveling, is to always remember the basics. Like Breakfast?! Never miss a breakfast, does that apply on holiday too?

To be honest I skipped breakfast most days! I think the best advice I can give is learn to love to sleep in that little bit extra. Sleep helps stabilize hormones, which helps regulate so many systems in the body which leave you not holding onto what I like to call ‘stress weight’.

With new environments and different time zones it’s easy to fall into a bad habit while traveling. What top tips can you provide regarding holiday nutrition and diet?

The time zones can be a really struggle on your body! Because of the deprivation of sleep, this tends to raise your cortizol levels { again causes hormone instability } and has you craving ALL the wrong things which I guess could lead you to believe that #yolo on your holiday, and holiday calories don’t count. Normally I am very relaxed and definitely over indulge when it comes to ‘down time’ – however this holiday in Bali I decided to do things a little differently. I wanted to feel super energized each day and want to run around in a bikini with no bloat; so I took the conscious eating route and it was a lovely change for my body and mind.

I think the biggest tips I could give is:

  • Drink water before anything, and keep drinking it till 2 hours before bed.
  • Have balanced meals; don’t ‘cut’ out a ‘carb’ and then end up over indulging after a day of activities. Keep your macros on your plate balanced {fat, protein and carbohydrates}.
  • Try add a green element to every plate.
  • I don’t drink, and I think these helped LOADS for my body, and wallet.
  • Where I went the portions where HUGE, so I would half my meal and take the other half home as a snack or smaller meal, which also saved me money.
  • Eat local, it’s been messed with less.

How did your workout routines differ from normal while you were traveling?

Instead of working out everyday I ended up working out every 3rd or 4th day; I just didn’t feel my holiday needed to be planned around my working out – so I squeezed it in when we had long periods of doing very little. Most days we chose to walk around instead of drive which also helped out a bunch with keeping our ‘neat’ energy expenditure pretty decent. {neat energy expenditure is the calories you work off while doing “normal” things like walking, fiddling with your shoes to take the stairs}

Then where we could we did hikes, beach runs and other super out doorsie activities because we were in Bali after all, no point hiding out in a gym when we had so many beautiful things at our doorstep.

However when I did functional training at our homes, I stuck to my bod eBook training which needs no equipment.

What are your favourite body weight moves to keep you fit on the go?

Squat, alternating reverse lunge, walk-outs, tap push ups, triceps dips, skaters, alternating shoulder taps, burpees, planks and core combinations.

What is a great post-workout meal you can find just about anywhere in the world?

Poached eggs {protein} avo smash {fat} cooked spinach + tomatoes {micro nutrients and a low calorie food that will aid in making you feel full} sough dour {carb} – if you can get GF that’s obviously ideal w/ a coffee for the soul but skip the diary!

What is the one item you travel with to ensure that you stay on top of your fitness goals?

A fitness eBook that I can do while I travel and a good pair of shoes for unplanned adventures!

Most worn clothing item on holiday? Least worn item packed in suitcase?

Literally didn’t touch my jackets or jeans, when in Bali honestly pack so light you only have room to bring new ones back!

What is the best piece of advice you could give a fellow traveler who wants to stay fit on holiday?

Two answers to be honest, as a friend I would say don’t over think it. Your body is going to be far more relaxed than it will probably be in months,  flip even years – give yourself the space to enjoy the down time. However I know there are some of you reading this who might still get anxiety when going overseas and wanting to maintain some kind of routine for your mental health more than anything, so my biggest tip would be to walk as much as you can and find activities that allow you to experience the place while being active such as a hike, stand up paddling, snorkeling, cycling.

If you want a complete breakdown of Candice’s Bali getaway, head to her website to read her “Bod in Bali” blog post. Or if you’d just like to follow her everyday journey in the mother city, give her Instagram a follow to feel continuously inspired by her kind, positive ways.

Final traveling tips from the Fit Fam:

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Roll up your pants instead of folding them i.e. Fitgymwear leggings

Don’t forget at least one set of active wear i.e. Fitgymwear leggings