As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in winter. It may be cold, your bed may be comfy and hot chocolate may be calling your name… But before you know it, summer will be making an appearance. Fitness blogger, Laura Scanlon shows us exactly how to keep motivated on those chilly days.

Laura believes strongly in using your own body weight as your gym, which is perfect for at home workouts. She applies this daily, and as you can see, it’s clearly effective. Along with working out, diet is just as important, if not more. Instead of sipping on that hot sugary drink, why don’t you try making yourself a green juice to cleanse yourself after that fifth cheat day in a row(that no one is meant to know about – it’s okay, we feel you).

On those wintery days spent indoors, the temptation to peck is real. When all you want to do is rummage the pantry cupboard, try to choose the apple over the chocolate bar, the fresh juice over the soda or the smoothie over the box of biscuits.

We love how easy Laura makes staying fit look, because in fact, it can be. Whether it’s cold, you work a nine to five, or you’re a full time mom, all you need is 30min in your day. Pull out a mat, and get your body moving. And if you feel like you’re lacking the motivation, give Laura a follow on Instagram for workout, style and meal inspiration.

To find out the benefits of bodyweight training, exactly what she puts in her green juice, and to watch her favourite at home workout, head over to her website by clicking HERE.


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