Jess Mandel from The Movement Lab in Cape Town guides us through the principles of pilates, looking flexible and flirty in our Fitgymwear gear. Quality is key, or should we say CORE. We believe that both are just important as each other in this case.

Pilates is a mind-body exercise, using special apparatus, designed to improve and optimise physical strength, flexibility and endurance. Whilst Fitgymwear provides that extra boost to your performance, comfort and self esteem. It’s no wonder her clients are always lookin’ on fleek.

There are various pieces of equipment used in pilates to deepen one’s practice and which modify for different body types. From low impact, resistance and body weight training on the Reformer, to more advanced moves like inversions and impressive acrobatic tricks on the Cadillac.

It’s one thing to work out and a whole nother thing to look good, but to do both at the same time, well that’s the challenge. With fabric imported all the way from the shores of Brazil, our figure hugging activewear will keep you looking and feeling good during AND after your workout.

So get shopping and get movin’.

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